Scott McCloud + Google = pure awesomeness

Honestly, the news that Google is releasing a new browser hadn’t succeeded at catching my attention.

But that was before I learnt that Scott McCloud had been commissioned to write a comic on Chrome’s innards.

Boy, if you’ve ever wanted an example of how the language of comics can be used to convey complex concepts in a clear, efficient and attractive way, well, don’t miss this one. In a blink, I’ve found myself ten pages into Chrome’s process and memory management scheme (a subject in which I could hardly be less interested today) —and loving it.

Pure McCloud genius that would be able to make my children understand the difference between a process and a thread. And more than that: give a damn about it!

Sometimes Google just manages to re-win my heart.

Interviewed as “Gominolas”

Manuel Sagra has just published a quite long interview in Spanish in which he asks me about my old work as a video game soundtrack author and game designer. If you can read Spanish, and are curious about how music for 8-bit computers was made, or about the genesis of the largest video game studio in Spain, you might like it.

If you have something to comment about the interview, please don’t do it here, but in Manu’s post. He’ll appreciate it.