Interviewed as “Gominolas”

Manuel Sagra has just published a quite long interview in Spanish in which he asks me about my old work as a video game soundtrack author and game designer. If you can read Spanish, and are curious about how music for 8-bit computers was made, or about the genesis of the largest video game studio in Spain, you might like it.

If you have something to comment about the interview, please don’t do it here, but in Manu’s post. He’ll appreciate it.

Blogging again

In January 2002, my good friend Joaquín Bernal set me up a blog I called Outsider. I stopped working on it in April 2003.

Now it’s time to blog again.

I plan to write on the same subjects as before, but with two changes:

  • Now I feel like talking a little more about the kind of things I do at work (user research, interaction design, and innovation techniques).
  • This time it’ll be in English.

But, enough with statements of intent. Let’s roll!